The avant-garde movement that you should care about

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The art of the post-crisis world

What do Wagner, Mondrian, Duchamp have in common? They share the fundamental idea of a “total art”, combining various mediums and, above all, expressing a strong social and political message. The opposite of “art for art”, the absolute anti-bourgeois attitude. Good news: total art is making an impressive comeback since the pandemic.

The art of the last decades is dead. We’re entering into a more politically engaged era, by which artists are not only creators, but also citizens. Nothing is neutral. Art becomes a fight. Art becomes a weapon. Art becomes a social goal.

Tom Connan

It's time to invest in total art

Because Total Art is making a comeback, investors should take action now, before the prices go up. 

At a time when financial assets’ prices are hyper volatile, investors should think about making solid art decisions. More than ever, art has become a safe haven.